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Basin and Sump Pump Installation

Les Fondations d'Aujourd'hui is the contact to remember for any basin and sump pump installation in Montérégie.

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Basin and Sump Pump Installation in Montérégie: Innovative Systems

Our commitment is to limit water infiltrations and flood risks at the foundation level. Our services include the installation of basins and sump pumps, whether inside or outside your basement. These facilities prevent the accumulation of groundwater by redirecting it to the sump pump. Once the water level reaches a critical threshold, the pump evacuates the excess, preserving the integrity of your basement against potential damages.

For outdoor issues, our sump pumps integrated into French drains lower the water table level. Our solutions stand out for our professionalism, adherence to standards, and the industry's best practices. In addition to installing basins and sump pumps, we offer comprehensive services, including foundation waterproofing, as well as French drain installation, maintenance, and repair.

Basin and Sump Pump Installation: to combat the risks of groundwater accumulation around foundation walls

Basin and Sump Pump Installation Montérégie
Our services
  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • French Drain Maintenance
  • Water Infiltration Problem Prevention
  • French Drain Installation and Repair
  • Basin and Sump Pump Installation
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  • Experience
  • Emergency Service
  • Quality Service
  • RBQ License 5589-9934-01
Service Areas

Entire Montérégie, including Saint-Lazare, Hudson, Vaudreuil, Les Cèdres, Coteau-du-Lac, Les Coteaux, Saint-Zotique, Rigaud, the West Island, Beaconsfield, Kirkland, Dorval, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Beauharnois, Île Perrot, and Pincourt.

Strong experience in basin and sump pump installation

We have solid experience in installing catch basins and sump pumps. A catch basin is a reservoir buried underground. Made of plastic or concrete, this installation collects water from the drainage system.

For installing a French drain associated with a catch basin, a sump pump, also known as a "sump pump," is integrated into the building to capture water from the drainage system. Once in the basin, the water is directed to municipal services via a submersible pump or by gravity drainage equipped with a check valve. The location of the catch basin is crucial. Preferring an outdoor basin is advantageous: it significantly lowers the water table, keeping water away from the house. Ideal for high-water table terrains or those with iron ochre presence, it prevents undesirable odors. Opting for an outdoor basin ensures effective management of groundwater, tailored to your terrain, and preserves your interior.

Alarm systems and backflow prevention systems can also be installed. In terms of materials, PVC basins allow for easy installation, controlled costs, and waterproofing meeting Radon protection standards. The choice of basin size depends on the nature of your project.

Basins of 18"x24" generally suit standard-sized houses, while larger buildings require more voluminous reservoirs, sometimes in prefabricated plastic or custom-made concrete. Preferring plastic over concrete is a logical choice to prevent water infiltration through walls over time. However, in specific situations, concrete may be required. Custom-made, the latter will be reinforced with steel and sealed with bitumen.

Turn to our services for reliable basin and sump pump (stump pumps) installations in Montérégie.

Basin and Sump Pump Installer Montérégie