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Foundation Waterproofing

Les Fondations d'Aujourd'hui is at your service to carry out waterproofing work in Montérégie.

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Foundation Waterproofing in Montérégie: our techniques

We possess proven technical skills in foundation waterproofing. Our approach is based on two key principles. Firstly, we offer the TUFF-N-DRI system, approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC 13068-R). This hydrophobic elastomeric membrane is applied in a single continuous layer, eliminating any risk of joints or air pockets. With a thickness of 4 mm, four times thicker than traditional methods, it provides high flexibility. Our TUFF-N-DRI system is the only 100% waterproof solution, ensuring total protection against infiltrations, water leaks, and interior condensation.

Secondly, we recommend the installation of the DELTA-MS or DELTA DRAIN foundation membrane. This plastic membrane forms a relief pattern and creates an air gap between the soil and the foundation. It is effective in reducing hydrostatic pressure and moisture risks. By combining these two solutions, we assure you a transferable 20-year warranty and a completely waterproof foundation.

Foundation Waterproofing: TUFF-N-DRI system or DELTA-MS/DELTA DRAIN foundation membrane installation

Foundation Waterproofing Montérégie,
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Foundation Waterproofing: Bid farewell to water infiltration problems

Anomalies in foundations can lead to long-term issues. Therefore, before planning significant expenses to repair your foundation, reach out to us.

Beyond conventional waterproofing methods like tar imposed by the Building Code, we offer a comprehensive waterproofing system. This solution is recommended for both new constructions and existing houses, demonstrating our commitment to protecting your real estate investment.

In addition to our expertise in waterproofing, we offer other services: French drain maintenance, water infiltration prevention, French drain installation and repair, and basin and sump pump installation.

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